Todeloo, my friends!

"Great Jellybeans, what a curious web links page! Linkies? What on earth are linkies? Who ever heard of such a thing, Pinky Linkies? Oh jolly joy, this girl must be perfectly dotty! They'll tug her away to the madhouse faster than you can say Blimy, I tell you!"

I hate it when people move URLs. Or delete them altogether. I hate hate hate, because sometimes really great pages go bye and you can't find them again (it took me forever to find the MousePad at its own domain, but I'm losing my point here.) Anyway, if any of you know where The Web Fairy or Jonathan's Gallery Fonts have flown off to, can you please notify me? Shanks much.

Evvyting yoo need

Download Netscape Communicator 4.04
     Save your souls. No, I cannot say it enough. Just go, and download, and have a marvelous time
     browsing. You certainly deserve it if you don't already have it. Ta-ta.

Don't even *try* asking me to 'teach you HTML.'

HTML Goodies
     This is a godsend. This is just absolutely the best. Do you have a homepage? Just go here. Just go. I
     assure you. This is a truly wonderful place. It'll set your wheels turning as well as help you out.

WWW Help
     Links to places all over the Web that offer help on all sorts of web design. Some resources aren't too
     high quality, but on the whole there's a lot to look for.

Web Pages That Suck
     "Learn good design by looking at bad design." The design on some of these pages is just so
     (purposely) bad, that I've never made it all the way through. But it's effective, that's for sure!

How Do They Do That With HTML?
     This site specializes in the aid of assuaging HTML envy, which can be a painful affliction. They list
     thorough tips&tricks to many of the most common "How do they DO that??" questions.

the spesh and the schpiffy

     This is a well-known division of HTML Goodies. It's "striving to be the biggest depository of scripts on
     the Net." And I'll betchya it's close. But please — be good with this stuff. Don't get stupid.

DreamCatchers Web
     This is a load of free CGI scripts, and very easy to get. It's used to do things like make your own
     guestbook (and many many other things, too!). Although, I must brag, I wrote mine all by myself. :o)

Inside the Web
     This site gives out free message boards. It's very simple; the only drawback is that it isn't
     customizable (they all look the same), and they're not private (although that's not always bad).

     GET A FREE CHAT ROOM FOR YOUR SITE. 'Nuff said. Ya type in the little Javascript, and voila.
     See an example on the site, or my lurvely friend Emily's chat page.

     A good free hit counter, with the most available fonts I've seen anywhere

Sure, take the easy way out.

Just a note: These are all very, very good and well worth your time. Funny, I spent so long surfing for clip art and I ended up *making* most of the art on my pages. ::sigh::

One more note: AOL browsers, you can't see animations or download off of the Web like is intended at these sites. Netscape Netscape Netscape ... oops, random wayward links thar. Tsk tsk, how did that happen.

The Amazing Instant Online Animated Banner Maker
     Just what it says! You pick your effect, type in your text, and press a button. Wow. Very fun stuff.
     Low quality, but great to use anyway! Oh, and download their animation shareware. Good program.

Free Graphics Wonderland
     While it's own graphics space is very nice (the Over the Rainbow area), the real gem of this place is
     the cover page. Many, many amazingly thorough links.

     Nice place. It's not incredibly enormous, but it's good quality. :o) Nice schtuff.
Temple of the Mighty Grapholina
     What can I say? This is a very, very, very cool site. It's just fun to browse around. Grapholina has
     everything set up fantasy-like...and she's more than just graphics, too. Go see her page, please.

The Graphics Station
     Formerly the Icon Depot. It's got a LOT of stuff...unfortunately, it's not all very good quality. But it's
     definitely worth a visit, to pick up cute little graphics.

     Wow. This place is great. It's HUGE, just enormous, and very very high quality. One of the best
     around, for sure!

WebWeavers Web Graphics
     Pretty nice place. Similar to Iconz, IMHO, only the layout is a bit better. Worth a visit, to be sure.
The Dog Hause
     Animal icons of all kinds. It's the source of many of my web pets. If you're an animal lover, go here.
     There's more there than just the best animal graphics on the Web.

Gif Animations
     Wow...there's nothing to say...this is HUGE, and WONDERFUL, and THOROUGH...
Comfy Couch Graphics
     This is by the creator of the homepage "Blue Nail Polish." It's all original graphics; all rilly cute. The
     border backgrounds are the best part. I use a couple of them.

If It's Purple...
     Purple purple purple...I lurve purple, it's no secret. This is a huge graphics site devoted to—uh

Jelane's Free Web Graphics
     Lots of nice things here, specializing in "families." Her border backgrounds are great.

'Font Euphoria' is a clinical term.

Fontastic True Type Font Archive
     Simply the best. Fontastic is ENORMOUS and well organized. It's simply the best around. If you're a
     font nut like me, go here!

ABCtec Font Archive
     This is a really small collection, especially when compared to something like Fontastic, but the fonts
     it has are good quality. The originals are fun because you can't find them anywhere else.

Sokratype: Food for your typewriter
     This is a really really small site, but the fonts that are there are total originals, and lots of fun.
     Excellent site and graphics design, too!

FHT Fonts Centre
     Several pages chock full.
Create 8
     A great alphabetical site with lots of fonts from corporate logos—very interesting!
Fontaholics Anonymous
     The Mother Load. Period. You want font links? The end. One click, right there, and you have it all.
     This place is gigantic. It's absolutely colossal. I just LOVE it. One of my faves.
Red Sun's Font Pool
     A huge depository, complete with search engine and organized pages.
Style Solutions !
     Several high-quality fonts organized into different sections.
The Font Files
     This is Grapholina's site...check it out, 'sall new. She changed her graphics site a lot, too.
The Shaft
     Interesting graphics&design, offering a few original and fantastic fonts.
KatGyrl®'s Fontain of Youth
     Absolutely awesome layout and design, with totally great fonts and resources! Go, go friends!
     Berry kewl design, and TONS of fonts.
     This by the person who ran The Page With the Constantly Changing Name (she always changed
     hers, too, as a matter of fact), who has now gone private. Anyway, her fonts are still nicely set up.

The obligatory list of personal sites

The HTML Goddesses
     My great friend Emily and I have started a homepage campaign for "an elite group of webmistresses
     with fabulous sites and otherworldly HTML." Come join! It's great!

Oh, my wonderful friends...

In Shades of Black and White
     Formerly Dysfunctional, Jane Pek is awesome. Her graphics design talent is through-the-roof, and
     she's an excellent writer. Give her a visit, by all means!

The Official Erin M. Curtis Homepage
     Erin's, I think, is an appropriate word. Superduper graphics, and content.
     Many of her own ideas have found their way onto my site...<g>

     Emily Bate is one of my bestest friends. She's hilarious and sweet, not to mention a great writer and
     webmistress. Her site is all new. I just LOVE it...Her layout is SO original and her schtuff is so lovely.

Four Star Daydream
     Sofia has done a wonderful thing here. This is a great page...there's almost nothing on it but *writing,*
     and good schtuff at that. Her journal is one of the few I enjoy reading, and we have a lot in common.

Pieces of Me You've Never Seen
     Laurie's site is so nice! Her journal is the best I've ever ever read, and she's an amazing person. :o)
     We have so much in common, in a deeper's fascinating, and scary. But I know I can always relate to her!

Parrian's Homepage
     Evan Hensleigh is Mr. Photoshop, in all its prestige and glory. His graphics make me fall through the
     floor with jealousy. His site is brand new; go check it out!

Melanie's Spiffilicious Homepage
     Melanie's site is still under lots of construction...but she's a great friend so give her a visit and keep
     checking back!

The Homepage of A²
     My writer friend Aaron's homepage. May take a while to load; Aaron's good at making animations. :o)
     He's got a page there for his poetry, and for his monthly column the Humorist's Corner.

Chasing Me Away
     Emily and I have been email pals for awhile...her site is truly awesome!

other splendid homepages whose owners I don't personally know (yet)

Roller Coaster
     Lydia's site is wonderful. I really identify with her a lot as a person, and her journal proves it (although
     she keeps it at a private URL.) The layout is very simple and well-kept. Good work!

The Blood's Rushing to My Head
     Michelle has got it all figured out. She has finally learned the lesson: "to hell with web trends; lemme
     write in my journal," better than anyone else. Her journal can be described in one word: candid.

The Other Side
     Burn's site is one of the most visually intense on all of the web. It's currently under renovation, but I'm
     keeping the link up out of faith. Stay tuned; she promised goods at the end of January. I can't wait.

On My Mind
     Annie's a really cool person, and she writes a lot of cool stuff for her site.

Life?  What life?

Dan Kies, Professor of English and Linguistics
     My dad's faculty bio page for COD. Kinda nutty at times. :o) Oh, AOL people: your browsers can't see
     the entire awesomeness of this page. Just follow the link to the next one.

The College of DuPage
     The college my dad professes at. (Professes? I guesso. Teachers teach, so professors
     must...profess.) <bsg>

Racine, Wisconsin
     My city's official web site thingamaroo. It's run by the local paper, the Journal Times.
Racine County, Wisconsin
     Another. This one's just...there. :o) Okee. Whatever you say Liz. But still, it's where I live and all.
Welcome to Park High School!
     A really chintzy web site for my school. I'd never heard of it before; I found it by total accident one
     day. Still, it's official, it's there. Go see it.

Washington Park High School
     Another Park site, way worse than the other. Still, it's kinda kewl cuz it's got a photo of (the middle of)
     my school on it. Like you all care, right?

When you're passing along the information superhighway...

funny funnies

Non Sequitur
     I'm a comics person, I'll admit that straight off. I read them every morning, provided I won't miss the
     bus in the process. This has got to be my #1 favorite. It's an awesome site, too, just to visit.

Mr. Boffo
     Mr. Boffo is SO nutty; you've just got to love him. How can you not? Just go and read.
More Mr. Boffo
     C'mon, everybody needs a little more Mr. Boffo in their life...
     Jason's finally gotten his hands on his own domain, I see. :o) This site is cool...Bill Amend's really
     gone wild. He's even made an "Attack of the Evil Paige-o-trons" computer game for download.

For Better or For Worse
     Ok, so this strip isn't as hilariously funny as the others. But there's this thing in my house with
     many things have happened in my life at the exact same time as the Patterson's, for years now.

'What's on the telly tonight, Geeves?'

Keeping Up Appearances
     This is a fantastically thorough and well-designed site for one of the funniest shows on TV. It's kinda
     not well-known, but you've GOT to watch it. It's British, and airs Sundays on PBS. Turn it on, durnit.

The New Red Green Show
     This show is SO funny, people. It's Canadian and airs Thursdays on PBS. WATCH it. Or else I'll send
     Red over to film a Handyman's Corner at your house, and that'll be BAD.

The Official Mr. Bean Web Site
     Don't even question it. I am a very loyal Mr. Bean fan. This site is....gawd, it'll have you rolling on the
     floor, literally. (And his movie is splendiferous, too.)

Frasier's official homepage on NBC
     ::Growls at Maris:: Just remember, people, Niles is MINE. Thankyou.
The Frasier Homepage
     This is a super Frasier site. Go visit and see the awesome animation on the cover page. (Unless, of
     course, you're in AOL...but let's not be TOO repetitive, okee?)

haha funny, don'tchyaknow

FYI: Some of these interactive sites require special Netscape Plug-Ins, namely Shockwave by Macromedia. I've marked them, at the beginning of the list, with a separate link to the site where you can download the plug-in. AOL people, it's pretty much hopeless fer ya. :o) Unless, of course, you were to download Netscape...

The Centre for the Easily Amused
     This is purely the best humor archive on the web. Just click on the pretty pink letters and go. Many of
     the following links have come from none other than C*E*A.

Interactive Magnetic Poetry
     **Shockwave needed**. This is a fun, well-done site.
Interactive PegJump
     **Shockwave needed**. This is by the same person as the Magnetic Poetry. Great!
Ring the Doorbell!
     **Shockwave needed**. It doesn't get any nuttier than this.
Libby and Darian the Dancing Librarians!
     Oops. Wrong again.
Monty Python's Flying Circus
     Somebody somewhere with far, far too much free time made the most thorough Monty Python site
     ever. It's just CLASSIC. No MP fan can do without visiting here.

The Psychic Chicken Network Homepage
     Um...don't cross this guy, ok? I dunno if he's psycho or psychic. But he's fun.
The (Infamous) Nerdity Test!
     Ahem. I have moved up a rank!!! I am now officially a CLOSET NERD!!! I make the margin by
     .6%, and I didn't even CHEAT!!!

I, Rearrangement Servant
     This is an anagram server. It's pretty cool! Fun schtuff.
The Anagram Genius Server
     More fun schtuff.
The Complete Lyrics To "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall," Illustrated
     ::shakes head and laughs:: The best part of this whole thing is, they didn't even bother to make
     separate HTML files for each illustration. They made a whole CGI program.

The One and Only Q-Tips Homepage
     People? This is really important. Go here now, and sign the guestbook. The company that
     manufactures Q-Tips is trying to get the site taken down. By signing, you can show support. Thanks.

The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything
     Ok, so this is stupid. This is really, really stupid. <g> Don'tchya love it?
The Oracle of Bacon at Virginia
     Anybody else remember the Mad About You? This is the "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" thingy,
     ONLINE! Put in any celebrity's name. You'll get a match far within six degrees. It's awesome!

The Geek Zone
     HOME OF THE GEEEEEEEK COOOOOODE!!! See my Geek Code on my random info page.


OhBoy Records
     John Prine's recording company
John Prine
     A pretty cool fan page
John Prine Discography
     Good information on all of his albums
Creedence Clearwater Revival: River Rising Homepage
     Newly redesigned and cooler than ever. It's CCR, people, how can it not be cool?
The Very Best of Andrew Lloyd Weber
     Oy, this dude is cool. I just love 'im. This site has cool information on all of his productions.

Hello everybody!

The Kermit the Frog Worship Page
The Swedish Chef Borkifier
     Type in the box, press the "Borkify!" button, and see your text in Chef Speak! Thees is fer yuoo,
     Roon-ee! :oo) ::a-hoooogahoogahooghooghoog::

The Muppet Gallery
The Electric Mayhem homepage

links from my other pages

masters of the abc's

Mark Twain resources on the web
Ever the Twain Shall Meet
Roald Dahl
The Shakespeare Homepage
     The complete works, on the web
Charles Dickens
The Dickens Page
J.D. Salinger Bananafish Homepage
Anne Lamott's wonderful wonderful articles for the online magazine "Salon"
The Umberto Eco Page
Nathaniel Hawthorne

rhyme time

An interactive rhyming dictionary
Freudian Blue, a super poem-of-the-day server
The National Library of Poetry
Erin Curtis's poetry page
RedFrog: Poems from the planet Earth

UWM English faculty profiles
     Including Marilyn Taylor's
The University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee homepage
     Where Marilyn Taylor teaches
The Cream City Review
     UWM's paper, for which Marilyn Taylor used to be poetry editor

RedFrog: Poems from the planet Earth — Walt Whitman depository
Walt Whitman Hypertext Archive
Library of Congress: Walt Whitman's recovered notebooks
Project Bartleby's Walt Whitman branch
     The complete Leaves of Grass online

RedFrog: Poems from the planet Earth — Robert Frost depository
Project Bartleby's Robert Frost branch

RedFrog: Poems from the planet Earth — Emily Dickinson depository
Emily Dickinson International Society
Emily Dickinson poems online
Project Bartleby's Emily Dickinson branch

RedFrog: Poems from the planet Earth — Edgar Allan Poe depository
The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe
Selected Works of Edgar Allan Poe

RedFrog: Poems from the planet Earth — Czeslaw Milosz depository
Czeslaw Milosz's Poetry Homepage
     This is the place where I, quite by accident, first discovered Milosz. I loved him instantly. Le sigh...

RedFrog: Poems from the Planet Earth — Cummings Depository

*BOOM* it's a noise

Movie Sounds
Dead Poets Society sounds
Keeping Up Appearances sounds
The WavPlace
Wav Central
Mr. Bean sounds

linkage maximus?

Erin Curtis's Latin phrases page
     The page my own is modeled after. Spectacular. (But what of Erin Curtis's isn't?)
Wisconsin Junior Classical League
     Ok, so there's zippo content here. This is just one of those patriotic thingies...
National Junior Classical League
     Heck yeah! An online game set in ancient Rome!
Latin-English Dictionary
Denuone Latine loquebar?
     Was I speaking Latin again? This is a really fun page, full of phrases!
Pig Latin converter...or something
     Converts any web page into Pig Latin. Yes, that's what I said.
Latin Grammar Aid and Wordlist

hello? are you still here? after all this? what, aren't these links good enough for you to grace them with your very presence? fine, come on back to *me* then! woohoo! recognition!

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