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Single Parent Scholarship

Scholarship Name:
College of DuPage Foundation Single Parent Scholarship (G918)

Source of Support:

College of DuPage Foundation

Award Amount:
10@ $1,000

May 1, 2010

To support single parents in need of financial assistance to attend College of DuPage

• Resident of District 502
• Maintain cumulative 2.0 GPA
• Maintain at least part-time status (6 credits per semester)
• Single parent with dependent child/children
File10-11 FAFSA C.O.D. must receive information electronically by deadline date
• Enroll in a certificate, degree or transfer program


• To be used only for tuition, fees and books at C.O.D. beginning Fall semester 2010. Student will not receive direct cash payment.
• Payment is made over two academic semesters: Fall $500; Spring $500
• Funds not utilized by end of Spring semester 2011 will be returned to the general fund

Apply at:

Financial Aid Office - SRC 2050

2010-2011 Scholarship Application
(60 Kb PDF)

Revised 02/19/10





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