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How your request is processed

After you submit your completed request form to Multimedia Services, this is how your request will be handled:

  • Manager of Multimedia Services

    • receives the request.

    • contacts you to:

      • verify details of the request.
      • arrange transfer of the media.
      • request from you a copy of the letter of permission for copyrighted material.

    • contacts maintainers of web page, as appropriate.

    • contacts video network engineer.

      • to discuss URL and access rights.

    • assigns project to a producer.

  • Video Network Engineer

    • determines URL/project directory on server

    • sets up access rights as appropriate

  • Producer

    • converts project to Real Audio.

      • Note: The default conversion will be to SureStream G2 format which optimizes compression for 28.8k, 100k, 300k transmission speeds. This format allows the user's player to "choose" which of the embedded formats is appropriate for the users modem (transmission speed).

    • uploads Real Audio file to server using FTP.

    • e-mails user with the URL so the user can view.

  • Yourself

    • After you are e-mailed the URL for your production, you should:

      • Update your web page with the link to the URL.


      • Contact the maintainers of the web page with a link to the URL.
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