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Succeeding in Distance Learning Courses

You will succeed
A successful distance-learning student needs a self-directed style and will complete the course:
By having a sincere desire to learn independently with consistent self-motivation
By maintaining self-discipline and avoiding procrastination
By communicating effectively with instructors and fulfilling course requirements in a timely manner

Building blocks to success include:
Regular contact with the instructor
Careful reading of all information provided
Buying of required text and study materials
Effective utilization of media and supplemental components
Reading and studying text and related materials
Timely completion of assignments and examinations as directed by the individual instructor
Student's active participation throughout the quarter

How are distance-learning courses different from regular classroom courses?
Course objectives and curriculum for C.O.D. distance-learning courses are the same as the classroom version — it is only the way that instruction is delivered that is different. Most students who successfully complete our distance-learning courses say that independent learning courses are equal to or more difficult than classroom-based courses. This is because students must invest the extra time and effort necessary to essentially teach themselves by using the variety of self-instructional media and print materials that have been designed to deliver the course content. Many of these courses are very structured and, therefore, require a very self-disciplined approach by the student. This is accomplished by using the course materials in a very deliberate order and sequence. These materials may include a text, study guide or course handbook, a media component and a COURSE MAP outlining the sequential step-by-step use of the materials.

How can I determine if the different distance-learning courses are a good choice for me?
Distance-learning students need to be self-directed and self-motivated in their approach to learning and possess effective study skills and habits. Prospective students considering enrolling in a distance-learning course are encouraged to use a Short Self-assessment Survey to discover if they have the necessary academic characteristics to be successful distance learners. As a student consumer, you are encouraged to review the course expectations and and a summary of the course materials and expectations.. You may do this by visiting our course descriptions webpage.

What types of students take distance-learning courses at College of DuPage?
Many Center for Independent Learning(CIL) students enroll in our courses out of necessity due to their busy work schedules and family or community responsibilities. They simply do not have the time or opportunity to come to a campus location at a regular fixed time. Other students are very self-directed learners who enjoy learning independently, have the ability to take control of their own learning, and are attracted to the flexibility and convenience of learning at their own pace. Still other students enjoy using the different forms of media that allow them the flexibility to replay and review the materials in order to reinforce course content.

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