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Transfer Planning Information for Illinois Colleges – Provides an invaluable planning source for those COD students preparing to transfer to a baccalaureate level college in Illinois. Indicates listings by institution of general transfer requirements and articulation information including the COD equivalent courses for those 4-year schools. Many links and gateways directly to Illinois colleges and university web sites and the new statewide Illinois Articulation Initiative( IAI) requirements for meeting general education requirements are listed.

Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) - View the general education core curriculum course options for transfer to Illinois Colleges and Universities. The full completion of these core requirements guarantees their transfer and fulfillment toward a 4-year degree at participating Illinois Colleges.

Illinois Virtual Campus Career Information Resources – A web site to search out courses and programs of study offered online at Colleges and Universities in Illinois.

Job Hunting and Career Information Sources - This is a link to several rich information sources assembled by our college library. Here you will find job search databases, job listing sites, resume listings and information about individual companies and corporations. Salary information for Illinois jobs. The BLS published Occupational Outlook Handbookhas online search options.

Job Search and Job Preparation -A vast source of job and career preparation resources can be found on the Internet Resources of our Career Services Office. The site includes a nationwide job search database, company profiles, resume preparation and job hunting skills. Net-Temps post resumes electronically and searches various employment classifications for job openings for applying online. Career performs a search by job type and location across several job listing databases. Naperville based lists positions at companies in the Chicago area. A comprehensive career decision making website at University ofWaterloo, Canada that is designed to usher a student through the steps of self-assessment, occupational research and career decision making.

America's Learning eXchange(ALX) - is a single one stop resource that connects users to career development, training and education, and employment resources important to remain competitive in today's workforce. ALX is managed by the U.S. Labor Department.

Use ALX to find everything from traditional classroom-based training to leading-edge distance learning and Web-based instruction. View information designed to make you a better consumer of education and training, to help you better understand the value of life long learning, and to assist you in finding possible sources of financial aid. A link to Career Information Net is provided which is a comprehensive source of career information.

America's Job Bank - is by far the largest single source of Job Listings that you can search on the Internet. Most of the jobs listed on America's Job Bank are full time listings and the majority are in the private sector. The job openings come from all over the country and represent all types of work, from professional and technical to blue collar, from management to clerical and sales.

College Transfer Information for the U.S. – A list of college web sites for students gathering information for exploring transfer to schools nationwide. Direct links to most all college Internet sites in the United States are listed.

Peterson’s Guide to 4-Year Colleges – This guide serves as a very comprehensive source allowing the on-line user to directly compare college costs, programs of study, student demographics, financial aid sources, etc. of colleges nationwide.


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