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College of DuPage Catalog Use these online resources to review our course descriptions prior to selecting and registering for a course. These descriptions will tell you if there are any required prerequisite courses that you may need in advance of enrolling in a course. The description will also indicate the number of lab hours and lecture hours for the course.

Schedule of Course Offerings - Find the latest schedule of our college-wide classes for the upcoming term using a resource called the Class Schedule. The Class Schedule will provide you with the five-digit code number used for registering for a particular course. Our college calendar reflects our semester scheduling system that has 16-week terms or sessions twice each year and a summer session.

Academic Programs of Study This is an online listing and description of each of our college level programs of study in both our transfer oriented and occupational technical areas of study which lead to a degree or certificate. These include the latest program guides of course requirements and the name and phone of the faculty coordinators and advisors of our technical and occupational programs.

Degree and Certificate Requirements for Graduation Learn about our five Associate degrees and each of their purposes and course requirements for completion. You will also  find the requirements for earning an occupational/technical based certificate program. Students should refer to the actual printed college catalog or a faculty adviser when needing more detailed and specific information about degree and certificate requirements.

Skills Development Course Offerings Students who are starting or returning to college sometimes realize that they have some deficiencies in their basic skill areas of reading, writing, math or that they need improvement in their study skills. The Centers for Independent Learning offer several individualized courses designed to help students improve and become better prepared for college level course work. These courses are designed so a student can work on an individualized basis with an instructor. The college also offers many classroom-based skills development courses listed as Reading, English and Math and numbered as less than 100 in the Quarterly schedule.


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