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The Science of Personal HealthPE 250

Are you the
picture of health?

Physical Education 250: Science of Personal Health
(3 credit hours)
will give you the knowledge, tools, and perhaps even the motivation to allow you to live a healthier and fuller life.

Find out if you have the characteristics of wellness.
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Dimensions of Wellness

Zest for life, exuberance, joy, vitality



Would you like to learn more?

Main topics of class include:
Wellness as a goal Weight management
Stress management Cardiovascular diseases
Emotional health issues Cancer
Relationships Addiction
Nutrition Sexually transmitted diseases
Exercise AIDS

Some common health questions you'll be able to answer after taking this course:

What are some effective ways to deal with stress?
What are the signs and symptoms of depression?
How can I best communicate with my partner?
How can I develop healthy eating patterns?
Do those high-protein diets really work? Are they safe?
What do I need to do to get in shape?
Should I worry about cardiovascular disease?
How can I prevent cancer?
How effective are condoms in preventing STDs?
Who should take this course?
Anyone needing Health or PE credit.
Educators who need to meet requirements.
Anyone with an interest in health.

Visit the following sites to help you determine if you are ready for an online course.

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  What Makes a Successful Online Student?
  Technical skills self-assessment
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