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Welcome to Music 1100 “The Internet Version.”

Music 1100, Music Appreciation, is a three semester hour course. It can be applied to the General Education requirements for Associate Degrees at the College of DuPage and is IAI approved for transfer credit.

Should you take Music 1100?

Orchestra If you are interested in learning more about “Classical” Western European art music and are interested in the elements of music and how they are combined to form musical art works, Music 1100 is for you. If on the other hand, you are only interested in lite rock, punk rock, reggae, metal, rap, trance, raves, DJ mixes and any other mass marketed popular form, including country and western and contemporary Christian, Music Appreciation is probably not your cup of tea.

What is Music 1100 all about?

Topics covered in Music Appreciation include

  • The Elements of Music
  • The Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Musical Style Periods
  • Elements of Music as used in the various Style Periods
  • Musical Forms of the Style Periods
  • Jazz and World Music

Is there a difference between the classroom and Internet versions of the course?

Not significantly in terms of content and requirements. The textbook and required CD set are the same as are the writing assignments. Attendance at outside concert events is required as in the classroom version of the course. Additional material and musical examples will be provided over the Internet. Homework is sent via email and participation in bulletin board forums is required.

Jazz trumpeter

Will an Internet course work for me?

An Internet course is for the highly motivated, self-directed learner. While you can work at your own pace, you must be vigilant and spend time in a regular recurring fashion to succeed. You must be able to adhere to a schedule and meet all course deadlines. Western music is an integrated, abstract art form and although we are inundated with music throughout our day, most people never get beyond the words of popular music. This course will take you beyond the words into the organization of the music itself. Plan on spending 5-10 hours a week to successfully complete Music Appreciation. Remember…he who tries to cram and learn will ultimately crash and burn!

If you have never taken an Internet course before, visit Succeeding in Internet Courses and take the Self-assessment Survey to help determine whether this kind of course delivery system appeals to you.

What about my computer?

Please review Technical Readiness and Hardware and Software Requirements


Other questions and additional information

Other questions about the course may be answered by viewing the course syllabus (located at the online courses web page) or by checking out the Music Appreciation FAQs. As your instructor, I will be available via e-mail, phone and discussion board to assist you in any fashion. Tech assistance is also available for participants in online courses.

Looking forward to your participation in Music Appreciation,

Ken Paoli


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