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Math 1108: Perspectives of Mathematics

Monkey climbing Quotation by George Polya
A mathematician who can only generalize is like a monkey who can only climb up a tree, and a mathematician who can only specialize is like a monkey who can only climb down a tree. In fact neither the up monkey nor the down monkey is a viable creature. A real monkey must find food and escape his enemies and so must be able to incessantly climb up and down. A real mathematician must be able to generalize and specialize.

Polya's Four-Step Process for Problem Solving. Understand the problem.  Devise a plan.  Carry out the plan.  Look back and check. Perspectives of Mathematics - Math 1108 is an interesting math course which will introduce you to a wide range of mathematical ideas. You will develop an appreciation of how mathematics can be used to understand a variety of relationships in the real world.

The unique Internet format allows you the additional opportunity to explore these ideas in greater depth and to develop some modern problem solving techniques. The historic information online is a wonderful resource for appreciation of how mathematicians develop theorems, properties, and algorithms.

The objective is to allow you the opportunity to understand the relationship of mathematics in our current (and historic) society and to include that understanding in your Internet applications.

This is a 3 semester hour class.

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