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English 2252: Poetry Writing

Poet Don Welch thinks, "Everyone has one good poem in his hidden head." In English 2252: Poetry Writing, you will explore, discover and develop your poetic talents.

During the term, you will write poems, experiment with poetic forms and styles, and learn to critically review your own work and the work of others. Not only will we discuss revision strategies, but we will also discuss ways to incorporate feedback from other writers in workshops. We will read and examine the works of other well-known poets for insight and inspiration, discussing together how we can study poems to help us develop our own unique voices and styles. The course will conclude with a discussion of publication and performance.

Join us and meet other writers interested in poetry, whether you've never written a poem before or if you've written poem after poem for many years. This course is designed to challenge and inform all skill levels and has no prerequisite. 

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