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English 1151: The Novel (IAI H3 901)

When I was a girl, I loved giving book reports. -- Patti Smith on NPR's Fresh Air

If you are like punk rocker and author Patti Smith, and enjoy reading books and discussing them, consider enrolling in online English 1151, The Novel.  Novels entertain us and give us insight into human behavior.  Through reading novels we learn about other times and places. Novels show us alternative ways of living.  As we watch a character make choices, we observe potential paths to take and paths to avoid and reflect on our own options.

Of course, because this is a college credit course, you will be required to analyze and write about the assigned novels. This also has its benefit, though, because writing about literature is an excellent way to sharpen your analytic skills and your writing. You will also deepen your appreciation of the writer's craft.

There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away. -- Emily Dickinson

This course includes classic novels as well as some contemporary choices. At least six novels will be assigned for you to read. You will participate in discussion boards and write several papers. 

English 1151, The Novel, fulfills one of the humanities General Education requirements for graduation.

This course takes place completely online. You must have basic computer skills, frequent access to a computer, and a reliable Internet connection.  For further information about computer experience and equipment requirements, students should consult the COD Online web pages.


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