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Video Applications in Education (Education 2780)



> Learn to vlog

> create and personalize your youTube channel

> Use video chat to engage your students

> Create Screencasts to show your students "How-To"

> use web 2.0 video tools to enhance learning



Welcome to Video Applications in Education!

In this course we will be learning about a variety of video applications and current multimedia research to enhance student learning. You will be using a pocket camcorder, video editing/screencasting software and learn how to post and embed your educational videos to a variety of different sites. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? It is and fun too :-) But, it requires a willingness to explore new technology. If you are new to audio and video, I would highly suggest taking EDUCA2740 Multimedia for Online Learning prior to this class. It is not a prerequisite, but it will make taking this course a bit easier. Both EDUCA2740 and this course are part of the TOUT (Teaching Online Utilizing Technology) Certificate offered through College of DuPage.

Upon successful completion of this course the student should be able to do the following:

  1. Summarize scholarly research in using video as a learning tool to meet course objectives
  2. Differentiate between a variety of Web 2.0 video sharing websites used for education
  3. Review and explain critical issues and controversies associated with YouTube and other Web 2.0 video sharing websites
  4. Design appropriate instructional activities that integrate video
  5. Demonstrate current best practices and theory in designing an educational screencast and video presentations
  6. Use fair use guidelines within multimedia presentations
  7. Prepare a digital portfolio
Structure of the course

This course is delivered totally online with assignments/projects due weekly. Consistent access to a computer/Internet and knowing how to operate a computer including: Internet browsing, word processing, e-mail attachments, transfer files, copy/paste efficiently and the ability to the ability to create slides in Power Point or Google Presentation, are necessary to take this course. This is not a self-paced course and you are expected to login several times per week. Please understand that online classes require about the same amount or more time to be successful as a 'regular' class. This is a 3 credit hour class and it is expected that you spend at least 7-9 hours per week on the course.

Required Hardware and Software

Camtasia Software - This is one of the best screen recording and simple video editing programs on the market. Please be sure you will have access to this program on a computer for the entire semester. It is not available on the computers at College of DuPage.

Digital Camcorder: You will need consistent access to a pocket digital camcorder such as the video recorder on your smart phone, an iTouch or Flip Pocket Camera. You can use almost any digital video recorder, please make sure you have access to the directions and cables for uploading video from your portable digital camcorder to you computer. If you are unsure about your video camera, please use the Flip Ultra HD camera offered by the College of DuPage Library for check out.

Tripod and/or Gorillapod: A tripod and/or Gorillapod will stabilize your camcorder for smooth recording without camera shake. Make sure you get one that will fit your camera or smart phone.

Webcam: Most computers come with webcam's, but if yours does not have one, you will need to purchase one that is compatible with your computer.

Computer Microphone: Computer Microphone: Most computers come with a microphone, but if yours does not have one, obtain either a headset or desktop microphone for your computer. Some examples include:

Desktop mic: audio/microphones


Power Point or Google Presentation: You will need the ability to create slides and save them as images. Power Point is part of the Microsoft Office Suite and is great for this, but if you don't own it, then you can use Google Presentation which is free. For this class, I will assume that you understand how to create slides with one of these programs.

Image Editing Software: You will need some type of software to edit images. Most of you probably use iPhoto or Windows Image Editing software that comes with your respective operating systems. For those of you looking for a free image editor, check out Google Picasa. This free software does basic editing and organizing of your photos.

System hardware requirements for Blackboard: See the following table regarding hardware system requirements.

How do I enroll?

Prior to registration, it is strongly suggested that all students access each area in COD Online to see if online learning is suitable for them. Students meeting the requirements can enroll by calling the College of DuPage at 630.942.3948 or register online.

Video Applications in Education (Education 2780) is a three credit hour course.


I look forward to having you in class!!