College of DuPage
Chemistry 1105: Contemporary Chemistry

Chemistry 1105 is a course in chemistry designed for the student who is not interested in majoring in science.

The intent of the course is to help students learn some of the important aspects of the science of chemistry in a context which emphasizes the nature of scientific thought and the importance of science in general, and chemistry in particular, in the students' own lives.

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The content level of the course tends to be relatively non-technical, and to focus on the ideas and concepts that make chemistry a vital and fascinating subject.

The experiments required for completion of the course are a simplified form of what chemists do on a daily basis. They are designed to lead the student toward more powerful critical and creative thinking skills, while introducing him or her to the wonder and power of a magnificent branch of science.

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Students interested in this course will need access to a computer which allows them Internet access. For further information about the equipment and skills required, the student should consult the Hardware and Software Specifications web pages.

Chemistry 1105 is a 4 credit hour class.