College of Dupage Speech Communication 1100: The Fundamentals of Speech Communication
  Students listening to speech.  
  Speech Communication 1100 offers students a variety of experiences that develop basic concepts of the oral communication process. The class includes communication theory, as well as speech preparation and delivery. It can be applied to the General Education requirements for the various Associate Degrees at the College of DuPage and is a required course for many certificate programs.  
  Your grade will be based on the work completed in each of three units. This is not a self-paced course. Each unit consists of a variety of weekly assignments that will introduce you to communication theory and practice, as well as prepare you for the preparation of a formal outline and delivery of a speech; two of the speeches will be informative and one will be persuasive. This online speech course requires three mandatory face-to-face meetings of up to four clock hours to complete the required speaking objectives. There may be one additional face-to-face Orientation Meeting at the beginning of the semester, based on individual instructor preference. See "Comments" posted online for the exact speech meeting dates and faculty-optional orientation date for each class. The weekly assignments will be either emailed to the instructor or posted on the course Discussion Board or under Assignments for all students to see, read, and comment on.  
  In the traditional classroom, students interact face-to-face on a weekly, if not a daily basis with each other and the instructor. As such, when "speech days" come, the audience of classmates seems less intimidating. Conversely, while the online Speech Communication 1100 course is designed to foster a sense of community among virtual classmates, some students may find speech days more intimidating due to the limited face-to face contact with the classmate audience. These students should stick with the traditional, classroom version of the course.  

Furthermore, to be successful in this course, you must have very solid reading and writing skills. If your reading and writing skills have not yet reached the college level, please delay taking this course while you continue to improve these skills. In other words, to be most successful in Speech Communication 1100, you should have taken the writing placement exam, be eligible to take English 1101, and have passed out of the reading competency exam.


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