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Convent Portal, Pamplona
Moorish Castle Key Hole Arch, Trujillo
Portal of the Palace of the Cord, Burgos
Barn Door, Guadalupe
Apartment House Portal, Madrid


Open the doors to Spain and become immersed in its culture, history, geography, politics, literature, art, architecture, music and economics. Investigate the answers to the following questions as well as many more.

  • What makes Spain’s geography so unique?
  • What cultures and civilizations contributed to the development of present day Spain?
  • How did the union of Fernando and Isabel change the course of Spanish history “for better and for worse”?
  • Who was El Greco and why does Spain claim him as one of the most important Spanish painters?
  • How and when did the French take control of the Spanish throne?
  • Who was Francisco Franco, how did he come to power in the 20th century and how did Spain make the transition from a military dictatorship to a constitutional monarchy?

Who should enroll in this course?

  • Those interested in Spain, its culture and civilization.
  • Those taking a Spanish language course who would like more information on Spain’s history and culture.
  • Those interested in fulfilling a Humanities requirement.
  • Those planning to major in Spanish.
  • Those planning to travel to Spain who would like to gain more insight into Spanish life.

Why is this course offered in an internet format?

  • All course materials are easily accessed at all times by all students enrolled.
  • No visits to campus are required. (The text is available for purchase at the College of DuPage bookstore and may be obtained in person or mailed upon request.)
  • Links to other online sites with information on Spain are provided in the study materials.
  • Students may complete the assignments according to the deadlines stated in the syllabus or complete the assignments ahead of schedule.

This a three credit hour course taught in English and there are no prerequisites for this course.

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