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Sociology 2210 – Social Problems

Sociology 2210 - Social Problems is a sophomore-level survey course that fulfills 3 credits of General Education requirements as well as the Global and Multicultural requirement of the Associate degree.

The course is a sociological examination of the causes and consequences of globalization on a variety of phenomena, from global poverty to religious fundamentalism to environmental degradation, to name only a few.

Sociology is the social science that objectively examines phenomena in their social and global contexts to discover their causes and consequences. To do this, sociologists, over time and through systematic research, have crafted theories and concepts that are the tools they use to explain social reality. In this course, you will learn to use these tools as well as you explore the most pressing social problems the world is facing.

Course Description

Comparatively examines the linkages among social structures, culture and human experience in the context of the globalization process. Students examine a variety of topics, which may include the unequal distribution of power and wealth; issues of sex, gender and social class; hunger; the role of multinational corporations; war and international conflict; oppression of various kinds; crime; poverty; the media; other social institutions; resource/environmental use and depletion, and population. (3 credit hours)

Prerequisite: Course requires Reading Placement Test Score-Category One.

This course is IAI transferable (IAI S7 901).

Sociology 2210 - ONLINE

This course is delivered fully online but it is not self-paced and it requires a significant amount of work. So, if you choose to take this class, understand that it demands time and commitment on your part.

This course is organized into 6 units with specific deadlines. Each unit involves a substantial amount of reading from the required textbooks, as well as viewing of documentaries relevant to the topics at hand. All assignments are based on readings and film viewings. 


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