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Social Psychology 2240

Social Psychology is the scientific field of study within Psychology that seeks to understand the nature and causes of an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors within social situations. It investigates the ways in which we are influenced by our social environment and reciprocally how we in turn effect that environment. This course can provide the student with insight about social interactions so that the student can learn how to be more efficient and effective in shaping the outcome of their social relationships.

This course is recommended for anyone who is interested in increasing their knowledge of self and their relationships with others. Social Psychology (2240) satisfies 3 of the 9 semester hours of the required Social and Behavioral Sciences credits needed for the AA/AS degrees at COD and is transferable to many other Illinois colleges and Universities under the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) (Ref.: S8900) as part of the General Education Core Curriculum.


Psychology 1100

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