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Psychology 2237

Developmental Psychology: The Lifespan
is the study of age related changes from conception to death. The major theoretical viewpoints and the latest research addressing physical, cognitive, personality, emotional, social, moral, and career development are reviewed. Childcare, education, discipline, dating, marriage, divorce, illness, elder care, peer relationships, stress, aging, and sexuality are among the issues discussed. This course is recommended for anyone who is interested in increasing their understanding of behavior and its relationship to age. Psychology 2237 satisfies 3 of the 9 semester hours of the required Social and Behavioral Sciences credits needed for the AA/AS degrees and is transferable under the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) as a part of the General Education Core Curriculum. Lifespan development is a required course for several of the AAS degrees and certificates in health sciences and human services.

Prerequisite: Psychology 1100.

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