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Psychology 1100

General Psychology


Decorative image for start of section Psychological concepts are central to our understanding of what it means to be human. For thousands of years psychological inquiry had been speculative and philosophical, but during the twentieth century psychology became transformed by the application of scientific methods to the study of motivation and emotion, states of consciousness, childhood development and aging, learning and memory, and personality and mental illness.

Today, up-to-date knowledge of scientific psychology is an important element in the training of educators, nurses, business managers, social workers, physical therapists, law enforcement personnel, and paramedics—indeed, anyone who works with people. And an understanding of modern, scientific psychology is a vital component in the knowledge base of the educated person.

Course Description

Decorative image for start of section Psychology 1100 is a survey course, serving as an introduction to the broad field of modern psychology. It is a three semester-hour credit course, and is IAI approved for transfer credit. It can be applied to the General Education requirements for the Associate degrees at the College of DuPage, and at many colleges it is a required course for programs such as nursing, education, and business management. Psychology 1100 is a pre-requisite for the more specialized psychology courses, including, for example, Child Psychology, Life Span Developmental Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Personality, and Abnormal Psychology.

Reading Skills

Decorative image for start of section To be successful in this course, you must have very solid reading skills.  You'll be introduced to a great number of concepts and details that are explained in a textbook almost 700 pages in length.  Students are required to meet the College of DuPage's Reading Competency requirement as a pre-requisite for this course. See Placement Testing for a description of the several ways in which to meet this requirement.

If your reading skills have not yet reached college level, please delay taking this course while you continue to improve your reading skills.

Technical Requirements

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Additional Information

Decorative image for start of section For more information about this course, select the “Course Summary ” link for this Psychology 1100 course under the appropriate academic period from the C.O.D. Online website.

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