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Political Science 2220:
World Politics

The largest problems the world faces today are not problems that a single nation-state or country can address alone. Political violence, religious extremism, the migration of people, money, drugs, arms and disease across borders provide tremendous challenges to nation-states, international organizations and corporations. These problems donít recognize borders. To understand how these problems have developed and how the international system can deal with these and other issues it is necessary to have the appropriate tools. The study of World politics provides the tools necessary to understand these chronic and emerging challenges.

World Politics, also known as International Relations, is a field in Political Science that focuses on events, actors, institutions and ideas in the international system. The field focuses on the issues, ideas and actors that shape the international system.

Political Science 2220: World Politics is a three credit hour course (IAI S5 904N).

Some of the questions we focus on include:

So What?

A student might ask why is this of concern to me and how will it help me find a job? The answer is that much of the food that we eat, clothes that we wear, music we listen to, and movies we watch are a part of a larger series of networks that have serious political, social and economic implications. For example, understanding how the change in the value of U.S. currency impacts the price of goods from other countries helps us make better choices as citizens and consumers.

The decisions that individuals make both shape and are influenced by forces in the international system. The idea that borders can stop people, products, ideas and diseases from crossing from one country to another is increasingly challenged by events every day. Understanding what choices impact these changes makes us better prepared to address these issues.

Studying World Politics is a good idea for anyone interested in public health, law, business, history, philosophy or economics. This class provides a foundation to understand the events and patterns that shape our daily lives on many levels.

How do I enroll?

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