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Paralegal Studies 1250:
Legal Ethics/Law Office Organization

Legal professionals at work

Have you ever thought about the ethical issues that paralegals and attorneys encounter?  Are you curious about the ethical rules that govern them, and the consequences for not following these rules?

What about life at a law office?  What is it like behind the scenes, and what are the business aspects that a law office needs to consider?  Also, what equipment and technology is used at a law office to make it more efficient and organized?

These are just some of the issues that are addressed in Legal Ethics and Law Office Organizations.

Because attorneys and paralegals deal with sensitive matters related to their clients’ finances and legal issues, it is imperative that everyone on the legal team conducts themselves in a trustworthy fashion. Being aware of the ethical rules forms the framework for effective and high-quality client representation.

In addition, the typical law office is essentially a business, with the same kinds of issues affecting any business – accounting issues, file maintenance and organization, records management, employee relations, government regulation, and so on.  New technology has increased the ability of a law office to streamline operations and deliver effective and efficient legal services. Learning how a law office operates, and how to use law office technology applications, will help paralegal students prepare to join a law office and contribute to the success of the business.

As a required course in the paralegal studies program, this class will give you the ethical and practical foundation to have a successful career as a paralegal. 

This course is 3 credit hours.

Prerequisite: Paralegal Studies 1100 with a grade of “C” or better or equivalent

Students meeting the requirements can

Technical Requirements

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