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Physical Education 2253 - CPR Training

Warning! Failure to learn this material may result in death.

Everyone should learn CPR. This is a class designed to teach you the skills you need to save someone’s life. This course covers the highest standards of CPR set by the American Red Cross.

At the end of the course students who successfully pass their skills exam and written exam may receive their CPR for the professional rescuer certification. These students must score above 80% on all sections of their written exam and score at least 90% on their skills exam. The certification card is valid for two years.

Who should take this course?

Students who are interested in saving a life or a professional health career: firefighter, nurse, police officer, physical educator, personal trainer, and athletic coaches.

two person CPRIs this course hard?

This course requires a lot of work and home practice. Students must be organized and turn in five assignments on time. Students must be self-motivated and have good memorization skills. Students are required to come to campus to watch a video (in the library), take a proctored written final, and take a proctored skills exam. There are no prerequisites for this course, however those students who have taken an online class before will have an advantage. Students who have taken or have prior training in CPR will also have an advantage.

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