Baseball showing Psychology terms on it in many colors.

Basketball showing Psychology terms on it in many colors.

Soccer ball showing Psychology terms on it in many colors.

Image of a medical cat scan of a human head.College of DuPage

Physical Education 2240: Introduction to Sport Psychology

What is Sport and Exercise Psychology?

What type of career would a Sport Psychologist pursue?

What do Sport Psychologists do?

Sport Psychology is the scientific study of people and their behavior in sport and exercise contexts and the practical application of that knowledge.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION 2240 – Introduction to Sport Psychology

An overview of the history and foundations of sport psychology. There are various dimensions of sport psychology such as learning about participants, understanding sport and exercise environments, focusing on group processes, improving performance, enhancing health and well-being, facilitating psychological growth and development. Special emphasis is devoted to the aims and objectives of sport psychology as a profession and career choices.

What is this particular online course like? It is a self-study course that you can do on your own time, but is not totally self-paced. The assignments are due by certain dates. Each unit you will read through a chapter or more, answer the chapter worksheets, take an exam, and participate on the discussion board. These discussion also enhance knowledge of the various topics covered in the course. We will have exams on chapters after the assigned reading date.

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