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  What is Physical Education?

What do Physical Educators study?

What do Physical Educators do?

Physical education is a broad field that has its roots in physiology, movement, pedagogy and sport.  Learn more about it by taking...

PHYSICAL EDUCATION 2200 – Introduction to Physical Education

An overview of the history and foundations of physical education. The various dimensions of physical education such as motor behavior, biomechanics, exercise physiology, sociology, health, fitness, teaching and coaching are among the topics introduced. Special emphasis is devoted to the aims and objectives of physical education as a profession and career choices.

What is this particular online course like?  It is a self-study course that you can do on your own time, but is not totally self-paced.  The assignments are due by certain dates.  Each week you will read through a chapter, answer the study questions, take practice quizzes, usually there will be a message board posting and/or a special assignment, and then a chapter quiz.

To view more information for this course, go to COD Online and look under Classes by Term and Course Information. Select a semester. The online courses offered will be displayed. Select the summary page for PE 2200.

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