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PHOTO 1100:

Fundamentals of Photography

Welcome to the online version of Fundamentals of Photography!  In this 3 credit hour course, you will learn the fundamental principles of photographic exposure with the primary goal of learning how to operate all the basic features of your digital or film camera.  Learning will be obtained through online lessons and video tutorials, reading, the use of an online simulated camera, along with shooting assignments and discussions.  We will explore both the technical and creative aspects of the many different types of photography, as well as an introduction to photographic history and the contemporary approaches to using this medium.  Students will also be guided on ways to improve their image making quality through learning different camera controls and composition design principles with a chance to practice these skills in your technical and creative photo homework assignments.  Students will then get to share their images online and have online discussions about their photos with their classmates and instructor. 

No prior photo experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn and have fun!  This course is great for anyone who wants to learn more on how to use their camera, and for those who are interested in a career in photography or any art or design related field.  Students must have their own manually operated digital or film camera for completing photo assignments.

Five photos showing a variet of subject matter, mood, color.

So, how does this online thing work?

This course is delivered totally online there is no need to come to campus.  Photo assignments do require students go out on their own to create images specifically for the course according to the photo assignment requirements.  While you will be studying much of your lessons independently, this is not a self-paced course.  You will be expected to login to the course several times per week as well as complete assignments by specific weekly and bi-weekly deadlines.  It is expected that a student will need to spend approximately 7 to 9 hours per week in order to complete the requirements. 

Requirements for the Course:   What stuff do I need for this course?

There are no course prerequisites, but students are required to have their own film or digital camera that has full manual mode capabilities (meaning, you can manually adjust the shutter, aperture and ISO in manual mode) in addition to automatic mode.  You will also need camera batteries and a memory card if you are shooting digital, or rolls of film if you are using a film camera (types of film will be specified- film will then need to then be scanned onto a CD through any one-hour film processing location so that you can transfer your images onto your computer).  Consistent access to a computer with an Internet connection, as well as the ability to perform basic computer operations such as email attachments and Internet navigation are necessary for this course.

How Do I Enroll?

Prior to registration, it is strongly suggested that all students access each area in COD Online to see if online learning is suitable for them. Students meeting the requirements can register online.

Four photos showing different subject matter, color, mood.

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