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Philosophy 1125: Critical Thinking

Statue of man thinking.Do you think?

Of course you do, but the real question is: “How well?” 

Think you think really well? If so, then why in the world are you still reading this?

If, on the other hand, you think your thinking could be improved, you like being challenged mentally, and you are willing to work hard to dig into your thinking habits to uproot the bad and enhance the good, then maybe you’ve got the chops to become a critical thinker!

The Course

This course investigates and applies the basic principles of effective thinking. We will learn to consciously direct mental activity to solve problems, achieve desired goals, evaluate beliefs, and guide actions. We will also practice our growing skills with one another in a cooperative atmosphere of peer critiques.

This course is three credit hours and is IAI transferable (IAI H4 906).


The Materials

Our textbook is an extremely engaging and user friendly manual. Students will be making heavy use of wikis and online discussion boards to participate in an active virtual environment. Open book/open note chapter quizzes are designed as structured study sessions to help you focus your attention on the text and apply your understanding of the reading.


This course requires an extremely self-motivated student. Above all, the desire to enhance one’s skills and the discipline to practice them is required.

For more information about the Philosophy Program and Certificates at College of DuPage, refer to the Philosophy Program website.

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