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Philosophy 1110, ETHICS
An Introduction to a Happy and Good Life

Group of young people.

This course includes the use of video and feature film presentations as an integral part of the course material as opposed to entertainment.  The subject is ethics, specifically, ethics in the public and professional contexts of American society.

Course Materials:

  1. Ethics in America-Study Guide (by Lisa Newton) available in the book store.
  2. Werner Krieglstein: Compassion, A New Philosophy of the Other.  Available in the book store.
  3. 4 Video Cassettes
  4. 5 Feature Films. These films are available through the Circulation Services in the College of DuPage Library and in many local libraries. Some are also available in video stores or on the WWW.
  5. 2 Audio Cassettes (not absolutely essential, available only at COD).
  6. 1 Midterm Review Tape.  This is generally attached to the four videotapes you rent from the Library at COD.

Course Objectives:

In taking this course, you will have the opportunity to:

For more information, please contact Prof. Werner Krieglstein at (630) 942 2170.


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