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Philosophy 1100: Introduction to Philosophy

Escher's 'Rind'

M.C. Escher's 'Rind'(c) 2004 The M.C Escher Company - the Netherlands . All rights reserved. Used by permission. <>

Dare to Think!

This command to think, to use logic and reasoning, the philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) famously used to describe a new era, the so called Enlightenment.(1) To think differently from traditional thoughts, to perceive the world in a new way, and question so called "orthodoxies" is the task of philosophy. The goal in this course is to learn how to think critically, to develop techniques and skills to analyze and question commonly accepted beliefs, prevailing attitudes, frequently held ideas and values underlying conduct. To investigate and reflect upon some arguments philosophers have provided regarding quintessential questions of humanity, and to develop your skills to state your own argument will all be tasks pursued in this course. Take an exciting journey: "dare to think."

(1) Immanuel Kant. An Answer to the Question: "What is Enlightenment?" Königsberg in Prussia , 30th September, 1784 . 07/22/04 .




Philosophy/Religious Studies
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