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Physical Education 1101 - Fitness Lab Online

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Physical Education 1101: Fitness Lab Online

(1 credit hours) Learn the ins and outs of cardiovascular training. We will explore why we should train, how to train, gaining motivation to train and then actually train our cardiovascular systems. If you’re ready to improve your fitness, this is the class for you!

Class includes membership to the Fitness Lab here at the college, but you may workout at your own facility.

This is not a self-paced course. Assignments will be due weekly.

Main topics of class include:

It’s all about Wellness

Motivation to get Fit

Fitness Principles

What is the Cardiovascular System?

How to Train your Cardiovascular System

Make a plan to Train


Execute Training Program

Who should take this course?

Anyone needing Health or PE credit.

Anyone with an interest in improving their health.


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