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Should I Take this Course Online?

Office Technology Information 1218

MS Word 2013 Desktop Publishing

2 credit hours

Prerequisite: OFTI 1215 or concurrent enrollment



Are your documents professional, organized, unified and interesting? Until now, desktop publishing has been a fairly technical undertaking. The publishing features of Word 2013 change all that. This course shows how to use basic desktop publishing skills in applications to create and publish lively and attractive pages. People respond more positively to information that incorporates design principles. Take this course if you are:

      A professional who realizes that an attractive presentation gains respect

      A small business owner who will create your own advertising

      A person who is responsible for preparing proposals, newsletters, brochures, reports, flyers, and manuals

      A person that will be responsible for creating and maintaining Web pages


Course Overview

The entire course can be completed online from any location where you have Internet access. You will be working independently on your own computer and software. You will be using Microsoft Word 2013 software. Designed for students already familiar with word processing, the textbook teaches students to use advanced Word features and classic design concepts to create a variety of desktop publications. The textbook contains three units and a total of 12 chapters. Microsoft Office Publisher will also be introduced. Chapter assignments include reading the chapter, completing assigned exercises, Check Your Understanding, skill assessments and creative activities. There are three unit theory tests in which you may use your textbook, and three unit performance assessments. All production (document) work will be submitted via E-mail to your instructor. All theory tests will be submitted through Blackboard.

The step-by-step exercises integrated within the chapter provide you with an opportunity to practice using the feature(s) introduced. Skill assessments at the end of each chapter require you to complete computer exercises without step-by-step instructions. In addition, simulation exercises at the end of each unit require you to make decisions about document preparation, design, and formatting.


Should I Take this Course Online?

Are you a good candidate for taking the Internet version of this course on an independent study basis? Visit the COD Online homepage, which includes an on-line assessment tool to help you determine if you are a good candidate for an online course. Also, visit the COD Online home page, for more information about taking Internet courses.


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