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Introduction to Health Care

This course introduces new nursing students to the concepts and principles related to health care delivery and nursing. Emphasis is placed on the communication process and the impact of culture, ethnicity and spirituality on health-seeking behaviors. Concepts of interdisciplinary health teams and theoretical foundation of beginning skills are presented. Strategies for success in the nursing process are also introduced. (3 credit hours)

Who should enroll for the class?

Who should NOT enroll for the class?

Should I Take Nursing 1100 Online?

Experience indicates that students most successful in an online version of a course are students who work with computers on a regular basis and are comfortable with online interaction.

If you have never before enrolled in an online course, visit the COD web site, Succeeding in Internet Courses, to determine if this method of study works for you.  The SmarterMeasure self-assessment will also guide you in your decision.

Review Software and Hardware Recommendations to see if your computer software and hardware are ready to work with Blackboard. Finally, Frequently Asked Questions will answer many questions you may have about online learning at COD.


Students MUST come to campus (or designated COD testing centers) to take objective exams.



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