College of DuPage

Nursing 2110:
Contemporary Issues in Nursing

Team of medical professionals

Course Overview

Nursing 2110: Contemporary Issues in Nursing is a course designed to be taken by second year students in the Associate Degree Program.  

It covers many issues including health care access, the political process, legal and ethical issues along with professional development. Components of the nurse practice act are also reviewed. The online version of this course is equivalent to the courses held in the traditional classroom

This course is available only to students in the Associate Degree Nursing Program.

Should I Take Nursing 2110 Online?

If you have never before enrolled in an online course, visit the COD web site, Succeeding in Internet Courses, to determine if this method of study works for you. The Self Assessment Survey will also guide you in your decision. Finally, Software and Hardware Recommendations will address your hardware and software needs for the class.