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What influences you? Television, magazines, movies, radio, internet, books, newspapers?MCOMM 1100: Intro to Mass Communication

The messages of mass media have a huge influence on opinions, attitudes, behavior, and even emotions.  These messages color how you perceive the world.

In Introduction to Mass Communication, you will learn how to analyze the roles of mass media in American society, and examine how consumers are affected by mass media. This course focuses on the history, technology, and content of television, radio, books, magazines, advertising, film, and the Internet.

This three credit hour course is offered fully online and does not require you to come to campus.  There are no prerequisites.  This course transfers as IAI MC911 in the Illinois Articulation Initiative.

Computer Experience and Equipment

Students interested in Mass Communications 1105 will need access to a computer with Internet capabilities. Students must also obtain a COD Library Card.

For further information about computer experience and equipment requirements, please consult the COD Online web pages.

Interested in Journalism or Mass Communications?  Please visit the Mass Communication website to learn more about the program at the College of DuPage.

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