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Math 0460:
College Arithmetic

Math problem on a chalkboard

Welcome to Math 0460 Online.  This course will focus on the arithmetic skills needed to be successful in college-level math courses.  Some of the major topics of the course are a review of the basic principles of arithmetic, fundamental operations with whole numbers, common fractions and decimals, percents and applications in the world of business, rational numbers, exponents and powers.

Albert Einsten is quoted, 'Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics. I assure you that mine are greater.'

Albert Einstein
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This course has been separated into 4 units that will cover approximately 7 chapters of the textbook.  Regular, frequent deadlines for homework assignments, quizzes, and tests have been established to help students maintain an appropriate pace to complete the course. 

An online course offers a great flexible learning alternative to the traditional classroom.  You can work on the course content at any hour of the day.  You can work from almost any location you wish.  All exams are completed in person at an approved testing center. If the testing center is not COD’s testing lab, arrangements must be made before the start of the semester. The reasons an online course is so flexible are the same reasons students must be self-directed and self-motivated to succeed.  To be successful in this course, you must be ready to dedicate approximately 15 hours each week (with additional time required during the shortened summer semester) to reading the book and completing all assignments.  You will need to motivate yourself to read your textbook and complete homework assignments, quizzes and exams in a learning environment where you are the one who must initiate the learning process. 

If you have questions about math at College of DuPage or about your future in math or math-related fields, feel free to contact the instructor listed for this class, or any of the math faculty at College of DuPage.