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Marketing 1175 - Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is vital for companies wishing to remain profitable and develop and maintain a customer-centric business. CRM addresses the methods used to acquire customers, grow existing relationships, retain profitable customers, re-acquire lost customers, and eliminate those that are non-profitable.

Going beyond giving good customer service and providing a reliable product or service in a timely manner, CRM involves the technology used to track information such as customers’ purchases, seasonality of purchases, and frequency of purchases. Technology can also assist the company to measure profitability. This information then allows the company to identify additional sales opportunities, and organize customers by needs and geographical location.

As the course catalog describes it, Marketing 1175 – Customer Relationship Management - addresses the “Strategy and methods used to increase customer satisfaction and to improve and maintain customer relationships.” It is a 3-hour course and may be applied towards the e-Commerce Certificate at the College of DuPage.


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