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Marketing 1170: Internet & Social Media Marketing

Marketing is about the flow of goods and services from a producer to a user. It begins with the product or service. How is it packaged? What are its name, formulation, purpose and use and so on? It involves the price the company must charge to sell its product in the hopes of making a profit and still being attractive to the buyer. There is promotion. How does the consumer become aware of the product? How will the company sell it? How will it be advertised? Finally, there is place, or the channel of distribution. Where does the customer go to purchase the product? A big-box store or boutique store? From a catalogue? By mail? By telephone? Or via an Internet Website?

While much of marketing has stayed the same, there is now a channel of distribution that has revolutionized the way consumers and businesses acquire goods and services: The Internet. With the Internet as a marketing tool, barriers break down between countries and time zones. The Internet brings us the 24/7 concept – information available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, globally.

This course will not only explain how businesses are using the Internet to market their products and services, but also teach you to use the Internet to become a more-informed and vocal business or consumer customer.

As the course catalog describes it, Marketing 1170 – Internet & Social Media Marketing – deals with “Marketing through the use of the Internet and mobile devices. Improving marketing with websites, social media, electronic discounts, and video-sharing to satisfy customer needs. ” It is a 3-hour course and may be applied towards the e-Commerce Certificate at the College of DuPage.

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