Management 2220 - Organizational Behavior

If you work, you need this course.

Many different types of people can be found in an organization. Man

Some are hard working Hard working employee.   and others are hardly working. Clock watching worker.

Some are excellent co-workers and everyone wants to be on their team. Good worker.

Others are, well, more of a challenge to work with. Woman cursing on phone.

Unfortunately, you can not always choose who you will work with. oddball co-worker

These are some of the many reasons the study of organizational behavior is so important.

This course examines the behaviors and actions of people in organizations of all type and sizes. You will learn lessons that might otherwise take years and years of "learning by accident," and cost you desirable jobs and promotions. Included here is information on human relations in organizational and work life that should help you work well with others without getting as upset with them. The non-technical skills that employers have been calling for more of for the past 100 years are here. You will learn about:

  • the effect of work environment on people and behavior
  • communication skills (verbal, non-verbal, perceptions, lying, conflict management, etc.)
  • coping with management and managers
  • leadership and the use of power
  • groups and teams
  • self-management
  • motivation and morale
  • job satisfaction
  • change
  • quality concerns
  • stress
  • ethics
  • business etiquette
  • being part of a diverse workforce

Employees working together.To thrive and survive in a modern organization knowing how to perform your job will not be enough; you will have to be able to do your job and stay in the organization while interacting with those above you, below you, and on your level. This does not come naturally or through "common sense" to many people and it requires careful study. Don't be one of those people that knows the work but doesn't work well with others. Complete the investment in your career by learning the rules to the game - learn to survive the behavior found in today's organizations.

Fulfills the Human Relations graduation requirement.


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