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        Management 2215: Leadership

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Leadership has long been a key topic in several disciplines.  In recent years we have seen what really is an obvious connection between effective leadership and organizational success.

Leadership has rapidly become a key skill employers seek for employees across the organizational structure.  The ability to INSPIRE and INFLUENCE others in small teams, task forces, work groups, and units cuts across all organizational levels.  Effective leadership is essential for both public and private organizations to develop and sustain profitability, productivity, and good customer service. 

Enroll in MANAG 2215 to learn what it means to be an effective leader.

Topics include:

  • Nature & importance of leadership
  • Traits, motives, & characteristics of leaders
  • Charismatic & transformational leadership
  • Leadership behaviors, attitudes, & styles
  • Contingency & situational leadership
  • Power, politics, & leadership
  • Influence tactics of leaders
  • Teamwork development
  • Motivation & coaching skills
  • Creative problem solving, conflict resolution skills, & leadership
  • Strategic leadership & knowledge management
  • International & cultural diversity aspects of leadership
  • Leadership development, succession planning, & followership