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LTA 2300: Multimedia Services and Equipment in Today's Library


LIBRA 1101 Introduction to Libraries and the Information Age with a grade of "C" or better, or equivalent.

Course description:
Students will study the operation, evaluation, selection, and uses of media, hardware, and software. Emphasis on hands-on experience and creation of a media portfolio.

Course Goals:

star Demonstrate the ability to operate a variety of audiovisual hardware and software typically used in libraries.
star Describe and explain the appropriate utilization of media hardware and software in school, public, academic, and special libraries.
star Describe how to research, evaluate, and purchase appropriate audiovisual equipment for the various types of libraries.
star To acquaint students with verification tools for each of the above areas.
star Create and design a media portfolio that incorporates the description, evaluation, suggestions for purchase, and verification of ability to use a variety of audiovisual equipment.

Course Expectations:

star LTA 2300 Online is an interactive course that includes discussions, assignments, and projects. This is not an independent self-paced course. This course has deadlines for assignments and projects. This class does not meet on campus.
star Students are required to select a local mentor for this class. Your assignments will also require you to visit local libraries and to locate and operate the equipment and software listed in the syllabus. Your mentor will also be used to assist you in the evaluation and appraisal sections of the class.
star Students likely to succeed in this course tend to be highly responsible, self-motivated, and self-disciplined. Students should have no problem completing assignments even when the instructor is not there to remind them of the due dates.


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