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LTA 1104: Essential Library Workplace Skills

LTA 1104: Essential Library Workplace Skills is designed to teach you skills necessary to communicate effectively with coworkers and the public, work in team settings, deal with a variety of personality types, resolve conflicts and to become an effective part of the library workforce.

Prerequisite: LIBRA 1101 - Introduction to the Information Age. 

In this class, we will:

star Discuss effective oral communication skills
star Discuss effective written communication skills.
star Discuss effective time management skills.
star Discuss the importance of teamwork in the library work environment.
star Discuss different personality types.
star Discuss strategies for effective conflict resolution.
star Become customer service savvy.
star And much more.

Course Expectations:

star LTA 1104 Online is an interactive course that includes discussions, required readings, assignments, and projects. This is not an independent self-paced course, but has deadlines for assignments and projects.
star Students likely to succeed in this course tend to be highly responsible, self-motivated, and self-disciplined and able to work independently and in groups. Students should be capable of completing the assignments even when the instructor is not there to remind them of the due dates.
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