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Travel all over the world is possible today. Whether for fun or for business, when one knows something about the country she or he is visiting, it makes travel even more interesting.
Taj Majal

In India, the romantic story of the lovers behind the Taj Mahal adds depth to one's visit to this wonder of the world.

China has five very famous novels that allow the visitor to enter into the lives of the Chinese people. The Story of the Stone is set in a large wealthy family mansion at the end of the Ming Dynasty. One sees how those large houses operated, sees theatre pieces, the importance of filial piety, and a tragic love between two cousins. "Stallion with Groom" Unknown artist
Yoruba sculpture African sculpture is known as some of the best in the world. Learn to recognize differences between Yoruba and Baule sculpture.
What are the parts of an Islamic mosque? Why is Mecca important to Islamic people? The history of Mohammed, the Prophet's life, and his relation to Mecca is pursued. The "Pink Mosque" Istanbul
Kinkakuji Temple

Buddhism came to Japan from Korea in the 6th Century and has heavily influenced Japanese lives and their arts ever since.
The Kinkakuji Temple (also known as the Temple of the Golden Pavilion) houses sacred relics of the Buddha and is covered in gold leaf.

This course touches on all of these well-known areas and many more as one reads literature and theatre, and one learns to recognize some pieces of art from these varied civilizations.

Humanities 1105: Non-Western Humanities is sixteen weeks long, has quizzes on each section, requires you to watch and report on three films, and take a field trip to the Chicago Art Institute (or other museum with a non-western art collection).

This course is three credit hours and is IAI transferable (IAI HF 904N).


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