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Humanities 1102
Introduction to Humanitites: Ideas and Values


Questions of ove, death, morals, myths.


This course deals with profound questions in mythology, romance, death, and morals.

In this course, you will explore:

blue star bullet Gilgamesh’s agony at his friend’s death
blue star bullet what is of ethical importance to Rama, the Indian King
blue star bullet Socrates choice to drink the hemlock
blue star bullet the loves of Prince Genji in Murasaki Shikubu’s book
blue star bullet a medieval romance – one man with two wives?!?
blue star bullet St. Augustine’s agonies and regrets

What is special about doing a humanities course on the web is that you learn to expand your own abilities to use the web while you are taking the course. Beyond that, you get to share ideas (and your papers!), and you will get to learn from your classmates how you can expand your writing abilities as well.


This is a three credit hour course.


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