Course explores the most current information in addictions treatment and prevention. In addition students are introduced to primary prevention strategies, the clinical needs of special populations, addictions treatment planning according to best practices guidelines, holistic approaches to addictions treatment, psycho-educational principles in treatment and prevention, effective clinical supervision, and administrative practices.

Note: This course is a hybrid class involving hours of work outside the classroom. 

See below for specific information about each course section:


Summer 2015

HUMAN 2280-HYB60

Duration: 2nd 5 week session

Instructor: Tom Stamas

Special Requirements: This is a hybrid course, so students will need to travel to campus to complete a portion of their required coursework.


For questions regarding this course, contact the instructor or COD Online support.

Credit Hours

3 credit hours (2 lecture hours, 2 lab hours)


Human Services 2226 with a grade of C or better, or equivalent or consent of instructor.

Technical Requirements

Students must have regular access to the Internet and a computer. Courses are administered through Blackboard, so students will also need a compatible OS and browser. A list of recommended software can be found here.