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Human Services 2225: Addictions Counseling I

Course Information

Human Services 2225: Addictions Counseling I is an advanced level addictions course intended for students who plan to do an internship in an addictions agency and eventually earn their CADC. Students and professionals who want to increase their awareness of addiction-related issues can also benefit from the course. (4 credit hours)


Students need to have completed Human Services 1113, 1125, & 1126 (or equivalents), OR have consent of the instructor to take this course.


  1. Qualities of an effective counselor
  2. Counseling skills
  3. Ethical issues
  4. Screenings and drug histories
  5. Biopsychosocial assessment
  6. DUI law and risk assessment
  7. Treatment planning
  8. Relapse process and relapse prevention
  9. Individual and group counseling skills
  10. Grief process in recovery
  11. Counseling families impacted by addiction
  12. Guilt and shame
  13. Polysubstance dependence and addiction

Frequently Asked Questions

What else do I need to know about taking a course online?

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Do I have to purchase anything for the class?

You will need the course text and a way to complete the final assignment, which involves doing a skills demonstration. This can be accomplished one of three ways:

Will I be able to get any extra help from the instructor if I need it?

Yes. The instructor will respond to calls and email messages, and can schedule an appointment to meet with you in person or via live chat. There will also be a section within the course discussion board to ask questions.

Where can I go to get technical help for this course?

If you encounter any Blackboard technical problems, please visit the Blackboard Technical Support page,

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