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Upon completion of "Human Services 1126: Psychopharmacology For Addictions Counselors"
the student will be able to:

  1. Discuss the biological, psychological and sociological theories of drug abuse and addiction.
  2. Verbalize an understanding of the legalities of substance abuse, i.e., factors in controlling drug use, drug testing and drug legalization.
  3. Distinguish between psychoactive and psychotropic drugs.
  4. Identify the mental disorders that necessitate the need for psychotropics.
  5. Discuss the differences between the psychoactive classifications, i.e., mechanisms of action, side effects and toxic effects of each classification.
  6. Discuss the mechanisms of action of anti-depressants, neuroleptics and anti-manic drugs.
  7. Identify the toxic side effects of the psychotropics that would necessitate immediate referral to Psychiatry.

Course Requirements:

For students who have not had a previous course in Addictionology, I require that you take the Pre-requisite course of H.S. 1125, Introduction to Addictions. For Masterís prepared individuals (Social Workers, Teachers, and licensed counselors), I will allow you to take this course and forego the pre-req. To benefit from an Internet delivered class, you should have some computer skills, as well as access to the Internet and email.

How do I enroll?

Students meeting the requirements can enroll by calling the College of DuPage at 630.942.2377 or online at, click on "I'm New to myACCESS" and follow the instructions. It is suggested that the student access each area of the COD Online website, prior to registration, to see if online learning is right for them.