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Health Sciences 1110:

Biomedical Terminology

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Word forms and meanings

HS1110 is an introduction to medical terms for each body system and specialty medical fields. It includes word roots, prefixes and suffixes commonly encountered in the healthcare field. Previous medical background unnecessary. Students study the English equivalents of the Greek and Latin terms used in general body systems and specialty areas of medicine including endocrinology, psychiatry, oncology, pharmacology, and diagnostic imaging. The class is 4 semester credit hours.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Goals:

  • Develop the ability to read, understand, spell, and pronounce the language of medicine by body systems and specialty medical fields.
  • Recognize the components of medical words (roots, prefixes, and suffixes) in body systems and specialty medical fields.
  • Define and correctly apply medical prefixes, suffixes, and word roots encountered in specialty medical fields.
  • Detect the meaning of unfamiliar medical words by analysis of component parts.
  • Develop the ability to spell and pronounce medical terms used in specialty medical fields.
  • Identify the difference between normal and abnormal findings of selected diagnostic tests.
  • Translate medical and surgical abbreviations into their meanings.
  • Synthesize course content by creating appropriate documentation of a selected research topic.

Course Expectations:

  • HS1110 includes a pretest, unit examinations, case translations, a web link research project, a post-test and cumulative unit examination. This course has strict deadlines for unit examinations and projects. Some assignments require you to visit a local library or other research facilities; however, COD has extensive online research databases. All examinations will be administered online. There is a textbook and CD-ROM exercises for this course. The student should expect a minimum time commitment of 8 to 12 hours for each unit.
  • Students likely to succeed in this course tend to be highly responsible, self-motivated, and self-disciplined.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs):

  • HS 1100 may qualify for health care continuing education units. Please contact your local or national organization for approval.

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