History 1130:
United States History
Washington Crossing the Delaware

History 1130 is an introduction to the development of the United States from prehistoric beginnings to 1865.

In a U. S. history class you are expected to learn information, to analyze and discuss aspects of it, and to answer questions that require you know the facts and combine them in ways that will thoughtfully answer some complex questions.

History 1130 fulfills three credits of the nine credits Social Science graduation requirement for the College of DuPage Associate of Arts Degree. It transfers as S2 900: United States History I in the Illinois Articulation Initiative Social Science Core Curriculum.

Some questions this class may help you to answer:

  • In what kinds of societies and cultures did Native Americans live?
  • How did the Spanish, French, and British treat Native Americans?
  • Why were the British colonies so different from each other?
  • How did slavery get started and develop in the British colonies?
  • What was the British point of view toward their American colonies?
  • Was the Revolutionary War really justified?
  • What did “all men are created equal” really mean? How did women, slaves and Native Americans respond to that meaning?
  • What role did religion play in the founding of this nation?
  • What rights are really granted by the constitution?
  • How did “democracy” develop?
  • How did political parties develop?
  • How did the United States expand beyond the thirteen colonies?
  • What role did women play in politics in the years before the Civil War?
  • Why did political compromise and the political system fail in the years prior to the Civil War?
  • How much responsibility does Lincoln bear in the beginning of the Civil War?
  • How did the South win so many battles and lose the Civil War?
Upon successful completion of the course the student should be able to do the following:
  1. Recognize the heritage of the United States
  2. Identify the effects of the United States on the world
  3. Explain historical causation
  4. Define present evidences of the past
  5. Demonstrate critical thinking skills in relation to history


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