Western Civilization I
History 1110

This course is an introduction to the development of the ideas, values, events, religions, and people who shaped the early stages of the civilization we live in using the rich bibliographic and visual resources on the World Wide Web.

In a Western Civilization class you are expected to learn information, to analyze and discuss aspects of it, and to answer questions that require you know the facts and can combine them in ways that will thoughtfully answer some complex questions. Western Civilization is a Humanities class because it requires reading, analysis, discussion, and writing.

Western Civilization I fulfills three credits of the nine credits Humanities graduation requirement for the College of Du Page Associate of Arts Degree. It transfers as H2 901 in the Illinois Articulation Initiative Humanities and Fine Arts Core Curriculum.

Some questions this class may help you to answer:

  • How did wheels, bronze, iron, stirrups, longbows, and firearms affect warfare?
  • Why have women always been oppressed?
  • How did they make stone roofs weighing millions of pounds without steel beams?
  • Was there ever a bisexual society?
  • How did Christians really split up into mutually hostile groups?
  • How did we develop some of our unique ideas like elections, or legislated law?

At the completion of this course the student will understand:

  • The origins of Western Civilization in the ancient Near East.

  • Our intellectual and political heritage from Greece and Rome.

  • The religious, political, social, and intellectual milieu of medieval Europe.

  • The rich heritage of the Renaissance and Reformation.

  • The formation of national monarchies in the early modern period.
  • The difference between a secondary source (a history book composed by a modern author) and a primary source (records from the past).
  • How to read, analyze and interpret primary sources as historians do, to enrich one’s understanding of the past.


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