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Various Fire Equipment, bell, and fire alarm pull.

Fire Science 2201:
Extinguishing and Alarm Systems Online

Fire Fighting can be a dangerous job and sprinkler systems can be a valuable device in any building. Extinguishing and Alarm Systems will explore the use, function, and reliability of installed sprinkler systems.

Who can enroll in the course?

Admission is open to anyone. Students wanting to take this course should be enrolled in Fire Science or a related area of study. There are no prerequisites, but Fire Science 1100 (Introduction to Fire Science) is recommended.

Are there National and State Certifications?

There are no certifications that apply to this course. This course is one of five core classes needed for the Associate of Applied Science degree in Fire Science.

Structure of the course

This course is delivered online. Computer knowledge, access to a computer, having an internet service provider (such as AOL, MSN, etc), and knowing how to operate a computer are necessary to access this course and perform web searches. Communications will be asynchronous and interacting with your fellow students will greatly enhance your learning experience. Students taking this course will have diverse knowledge and ideas should be shared. Course content will be broken into units and assignments will be due at the end of each unit. A schedule will be supplied when the student signs on line to the course.

How do I enroll?

Students meeting the requirements can enroll by calling the College of DuPage at 630.942.2377 or register online using myACCESS. Click "How to use myACCESS" and follow the instructions. It is suggested that students access each area in COD Online, prior to registration, to see if online learning is for them.

For more information about the Fire Science Program and Certificates at College of DuPage, refer to our Fire Science Program website.


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