College of DuPage

English 2253:  Creative Nonfiction Writing

English 2253: Creative Nonfiction Writing is a three credit introductory writing course which explores a variety of forms: personal essay, memoir, magazine/journal articles, literary reportage, and much more.   Students will write in a variety of forms about topics and themes that are as varied as their own life experiences:  family, work, travel, nature, technology, art, science, and many other areas. Like all writing courses, English 2253 offers an opportunity to consider the relationship between writing and thinking, between print and person, between fact and truth, and between the I and the Eye.  In this course we will look both inward and outward as we examine the delicate weave of self and world in language and life.  "It’s not what you look at that matters," writes Henry David Thoreau, "but what you see." The goal in the class is to move from looking to seeing, to develop a deeper vision—primarily through revision, through reseeing our language and ideas and shaping them toward greater meaning.  Later in the course we also discuss publication and marketing and how to find an audience for your work.



Computer Experience and Equipment

Students interested in English 2253 online will need access to a computer with Internet capabilities. For further information about computer experience and equipment requirements, students should consult the COD Online web pages.